News | IKRAM UKE Committee 20/21

News | IKRAM UKE Committee 20/21

New World. New Phase. New Leaders

Alhamdulillah IKRAM UKE has just elected our new committee members at our 10th Annual General Meeting on the 4th of April 2020. This was a unique experience as it was the first time in our 10 years presence that we had to hold this AGM using an online platform since we all had to stay at home.

We are grateful that in the adversity of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our members are still in high spirit and remain calm.

Some of us are fighting in the frontline with the NHS, some are tested with their final year studies being postponed or disrupted while some are obediently staying at home taking care of the family and ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

Even in these circumstances, our members still give their very best in doing dakwah and serving the community.

It’s been a year since we restructured our organisation. Apart from the National Committee (JKN), now our members are divided into 6 focus groups, or clusters, that serve different aspects and needs within the society. These clusters are:

🔸 Family Development Cluster – Focusing on the aspect of marriage, parenting and childhood education.

🔸 Business & Entrepreneurship Cluster (iBEC) – An interest group for business knowledge, financial management and investment.

🔸 Community Development (CommDev) – Involve and learn about community building, we want to cherish and take the opportunity of the knowledge and experience gained here in the UK and Ireland

🔸 Health & Wellbeing (HWB) – Taking the opportunity that most of our members are in the medical field, we are using this platform to use their knowledge and expertise to raise awareness about keeping well and living a healthy lifestyle.

🔸 International Development & Politics (IDP) – aims to be a strong advocate in International Development and Politics through members empowerment and collaborative engagement

🔸Student Activism (EMAN) – A platform to develop students in various aspects including leadership, activism, intellectual and spirituality.

It is indeed a challenging time ahead, but insyaAllah IKRAM UKE will keep moving forward to spread the deen and give benefit to the society. So please keep updated with our videos, talks, and other programs during this lockdown season!

May Allah Bless and give us strength.