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We’re back with another JOM programme for 2021!

Have you applied to a UK or Ireland university for this year? Nervous about studying abroad for the first time? Do you need help and information to get settled down for the next academic year?

JOM 2021 is here to help you!

Our programme has been tailored for UK and Ireland students by currently studying students. Students flying to other countries can join too as most of our slots are suitable for all students studying abroad. And the journey doesn’t stop here; we can also offer help even after the programme has ended!

Registration for JOM is now open and it is free!

Book your place now and don’t forget to invite your friends too! Register through the link below or just scan the QR code!

Keep up-to-date with our social media:

Facebook: Journey of a Muslim – JOM
Instagram: journeyofamuslim
Twitter: JOM_2021

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