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41 years of story continues...

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Everything begins from 1975...

In general, IKRAM United Kingdom & Eire is one of the the student associations and the long-established community in the United Kingdom & Ireland. It was first established in 1975 with the name of Islamic Representative Council (IRC) then changed the name to Majlis Syura Muslimum (MSM) or Muslimun Consultative Council in 1992. In 2010, MSM has officially changed its name to IKRAM United Kingdom & Eire (IKRAM UKE). IKRAM UKE is a student organisation registered with the Education of Malaysia (formerly known as Malaysian Students Department) since 1992 (with the name of the MSM) and has long stood as an Islamic missionary (dakwah) and human developmental and training (tarbiah) body in the UK and Eire.

IKRAM UKE has been in partnership with a variety of student organisations and associations such as Muslim Association Of Britain (MAB), the Federation of Islamic Societies (FOSIS), INTERPAL, Muslim Welfare House and others. The contributions can also be seen in the establishment of several mosques in the UK through collaborations with the leaders of local organisations in their local communities when Islam was still in its early days in the UK. The founding members were directly involved in the establishment of FOSIS, which has spread all over the UK universities through the Islamic student societies.

Since its inception, IKRAM UKE has produced many intellectuals and community leaders who are now serving and providing expertise in various fields of academic, educational, economic, medical, professionals, NGOs, politics and others. By harnessing the ideology and energy and with the efforts of various parties, many institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Malaysia were established and consistently performing the tarbiyah, dakwah and charity work which have been translated into the establishment of Islamic schools, higher education centres, medical centres, research teams, corporate and business groups, and also society services which strives for humanitarian issues, human rights, dakwah to non-Muslim and youth development.