Bearing Witness of The Truth

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LONDON, 27 MARCH 2017 – On the 18 – 19th March 2017, sisters from various universities in the south of England ranging from London Universities (Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, UCL), University of Reading, and University of Essex gathered at a BnB in Brunswick Square (next to UCL School of Pharmacy) for a two day seminar on the topic of ‘Bearing Witness of The Truth’.

We gathered as early as 9 a.m. at the BnB and the program started with a welcome speech by one of our sisters whereby she reminded the participants to set their intentions coming to the program just for the sake of Allah.

The two-day program consisted of talks, ice-breaking games, a sketch by the organisers depicting a long hadith of Rasulullah famously called Hadith of Ghulam and also feedback session from the participants. The program was successful as many participants enjoyed it.

“Although we did not sleep properly on beds and mattresses, the friendship for the sake of Allah that I got in return was worth the sacrifice.” – Hazwani

“I love how the sisters who volunteered to cook sacrificed their time to cook just for us!” – Hasy

The program ended with the participants having an awareness of the responsibility of being a Muslim: to constantly spread the message of Islam to everyone.

“Spread The Truth And Live With Dignity”

Written by,
Izzatee Safia



Mar, 28, 2017