SEMAWAR 2017 : ‘My Hijab Story’ Competition

NOTTINGHAM, 20 MARCH 2017 – On the 4th of March 2017, a member of IKRAM East Midlands and South Yorkshire (EMSY) had won the ‘My Hijab Story’ competition during our SEMAWAR (Seminar for Muslim Women) event, taking home an exclusive dUCk scarf along the way. As a show of gratification, we would like to publish the story she wrote, to which she is happy to share with everyone. Congratulations Inspirameen! May this inspire more women out there to appreciate their hijab and how it shows to the world the real value of Islam.


Hijab. A simple cloth that covers my head wherever I go since I was young.

With that identity I travel the globe, following my mom, migrating from one place to another. None of it was a Muslim country to be honest and truthfully let me just tell you that wearing the Hijab at that time, was nothing that defined me or my confidence in any way.


I hated it.


While my friends all talked about how pretty their new hairstyles or the new spring haircut, I just smiled and envied them from afar. I felt out of place and the last thing that you want to feel as you travel from place to place is being discriminated. But thank God to my personality I managed to handle my life despite wearing the hijab. I made friends with a lot of people but of course, there were still bullies wherever we go anyway. Though they should not be significant, they still play an important role in shaping how I perceive the hijab.


“Yo. That’s the girl with the hijab!” “I bet she’s bald!”


Those words and so much more consumed me day by day. I didn’t understand Hijab let alone Islam. I didn’t get why such strange laws exist. The funny thing is, I didn’t question this thing back in Malaysia because it’s a norm. No one questions anything. It was just something that was meant to be.


Muslim women = Hijab. Period.


But as a rebellious teenage girl, I was mad at not understanding and just obey things that don’t make sense. Why cover up? Why? And when I asked, the answer will either be I’ll be burn in the Hellfire if take them off or you’ll go to heaven if you keep them on.  And so because I’m scared of my parents, I continued on wearing the Hijab wherever I go. Years past, and finally I managed to book my way to fly to UK by myself. No parents, no siblings, no anyone. I’m finally able to do things the way I wanted it. But the further I am from my comfort zone, the more I question a lot of stuff.


Why the head? Why cover?


And so then my quest in searching for the answer begins, but guess what? A bigger question of my life was answered as I was searching for that simple answer.


Yes. I found Allah.


My curiosity in this simple clothing made me curious about Islam. And I found Allah.


19 years of living in the darkness.

He gave me the hint to find him through those curiosities, and finally after 19 years, I found him through the one thing I’m proud of wearing every single day now. I am now a proud Muslim, a proud Hijabist, a proud servant and proud holder of this faith. So yes, now, I say it loud, I say it proud.


I am ‘The’ girl with the Hijab.


By : Inspirameen



Mar, 20, 2017